Day-Of Wedding Coordinator

‘Day-Of’ Wedding Coordinator

BRONZE | Day-Of Coordinator Ceremony and Reception Planning Package
Unlike a full-service Wedding Coordinator, a ‘Day-Of’ Coordinator is for brides and grooms who want to do most of the planning themselves. But, when their wedding day arrives they need a professional to execute all of their hard work.

Too often, the bridal couple relies on family and friends to help carry out plans on the day of their wedding. By asking a friend or family member to take on this stressful task, the couple will not be able to fully relax and enjoy the event as the proper center of attention. They often end up feeling overwhelmed as they try to keep on top of everything that must be done to ensure that the day runs smoothly.

Six Weeks Prior to Wedding Day

· Meet with bride and groom to present timeline.
· Discuss all arrangements the couple has previously made with vendors and update the timeline accordingly.

Four Weeks Prior to Wedding Day

· Confirm final details with vendors prior to wedding day.
· Ensure that all vendors have the Day-Of Coordinator’s contact information.
· Send vendors a copy of the final timeline and make sure they have directions to the ceremony and reception locations.

Please Note: The Day-Of Coordinator will not renegotiate any terms of contracts with vendors at this time or at any other time prior to, during, or after your wedding day. All agreements should be finalized prior to the wedding.



· Work with wedding Officiate to choreograph wedding ceremony, processional and recessional.
· Alert the wedding party as to where they need to be the following day, and at what time.


· Facilitate on-time arrival and coordinate hair and make-up schedule with bridal party and stylists to ensure hair and make-up is completed in a timely fashion.
· Coordinate setup of any food/snack deliveries.
· Ensure personal flowers i.e., bridal bouquet, bridesmaid’s flowers, groom, escort’s, and the father of the bride’s boutonnières arrive on time.
· Ensure the photographer arrives on time and has a “must shoot” list.
· Assemble the bride, bridal party and immediate family for photos.
· Ensure that transportation arrives on time and instruct the wedding party when to depart for the ceremony.
· Assist bride with the wedding gown.
· Maintain the Bridal Emergency Kit: Includes such items as stain sticks, hairspray, safety pins, a sewing kit, scissors, static guard, deodorant, straws, band-aids, mints, and many other things needed on the wedding day.
· Communicate with the best man to ensure groom and groomsmen are getting dressed and on-time
· Inform wedding party of any last minute details.
· Communicate with transportation driver and maid-of-honor/best man while bridal party is on the way to the ceremony location.


· Coordinate setup programs and other ceremony items i.e., guest book or unity candles.
· Alert ushers/groomsmen when to begin escorting guests to their seats.
· Coordinate ceremony musicians upon arrival and direct them where to set up.
· Confirm the music that ceremony musicians will play during the ceremony, as well as start times for each piece of music. Determine what hand signals will be used to cue musicians.
· Act as a liaison with the ceremony Officiate and decide what cue will be used to signal the start of the ceremony.
· Communicate with the bride and groom with a countdown of time remaining before the start of the ceremony.
· Handle any emergencies that may arise.
· Line-up the bridal party for their entrances down the aisle.
· Cue ceremony musicians when the bridal party is ready to begin the processional.
· Gather family and friends for after-ceremony photos.

Prior to Reception

· Greet vendors and instruct them where to setup i.e., wedding band, florist, and caterer.
· Make sure reception flowers/décor is set up according to the wedding flower order.
· Meet with catering staff to confirm the food timeline.
· Coordinate setup of the guest book and pen, champagne flutes, cake cutting utensils.
· Coordinate Setup of the table numbers/names and menu cards. (No interior design services are included. This is an add-on vendor cost.)
· Look over dining tables and make sure they are set up properly.


· Help guests locate their dining tables.
· Ensure proper flow of cocktail hour food.
· Cue band when the majority of guests have found their tables, and bride and groom are ready to be introduced.
· Cue band, photographer, and videographer when important events take place at reception i.e., first dance, cake cutting, toasts, and parent dances.
· Cue the bride and groom and instruct them for their introduction and first dance.
· Cue best man and father of the bride when they are about to be announced for toasts.
· Alert catering staff to pour champagne just before the toasts.
· Coordinate the timing of catering service and ensure people are served promptly.
· Distribute final payments/gratuities to vendors at the end of the evening (No negotiation in the terms of vendor contracts will be handled by the Day-Of Coordinator at this time.)
· Prevent & attempt to remedy any problems that may arise during the event.
· Remain easily accessible throughout the entire event in case there are any details needing attention.
· Coordinate the setup of the favor table towards the end of the evening.
· Coordinate packing gifts/cards and miscellaneous ceremony and reception items and have them ready to be taken to a designated family members car at the end of the night.
· Coordinate reception departure transportation.